13-year-old child how to make money online

13-year-old child how to make money online

What’s more, this was a very efficient method.

Eric did not really need to enter these fields. He did not need to develop products to compete with Tengda. He only needed to buy more fake reviewers to cooperate with Tengda’s competitors in these industries and think of ways to discredit them.

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Better an open enemy than a false friend. It was easy to dodge a spear in the open, but difficult to guard against a hidden arrow. Tengda was basically in the open now. The situation of various industries had been thoroughly investigated. Eric was hiding in the dark and shooting two arrows from it so that Tengda’s various departments could not take care of themselves.

Take the cell phone for example. Eric only needed to work with other cell phone manufacturers to constantly smear and attack the Otto cell phone online. That would be very effective.

After all, it was easy to create rumors and stop them from spreading. However, it was too difficult to get rid of them.

Obviously, Min Jingchao knew this very well. Thus, he immediately felt a huge threat and quickly came to report to Boss Pei.

However, this was exactly what Pei Qian wanted!

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Wasn’t Pei Qian worrying about the same thing as Eric?

Pei Qian could not wait for one of the industries to go cold. That way, he would be able to incur losses continuously. However, these industries would unknowingly link up and pull some industries back from the brink of incurring losses. Instead, they would revive and become profitable!

Now, Dayak Corporation was willing to spend a huge sum of money to hire fake reviewers to attack Tengda Corporation’s various industries in all directions. What kind of spirit was it to let Pei Qian complete the loss without doing anything?

Pei Qian felt that if he really made a huge loss this time, he should set up a statue for Eric at home and offer incense every day.

At that thought, Pei Qian sighed. “It’s finally here!”

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Min Jingchao was stunned at the other end of the phone.

Why did it sound like Boss Pei had expected this?

What’s more, Boss Pei sounded like he was relieved of a huge burden, but also a little happy.

Could it be...?