Internet college students online making money project

Internet college students online making money project

As for the employees making use of their position to earn some money... How should he deal with that?

Take what had happened yesterday for example. People from an external training organization had approached Wu Bin, hoping for his help in producing a guide book for the Tengda Spirit test. If Wu Bin had agreed, how would Pei Qian have dealt with the problem? How would Wu Bin have been punished?

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That was what Pei Qian was conflicted about.

He definitely could not strengthen the supervisory power of the HR and administrative departments.

What if the slackers stopped slacking?

Yet, it did not seem right to ignore the problem completely.

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Pei Qian cleared his throat. “How about this? The way I see it, we don’t have to set up different punishment mechanisms. Whenever we find out that someone made use of their position for their own profit, no matter how much money he or she received and no matter how serious it was, he or she would be fired immediately. We would not accept such a person back again!

“Of course, we would have to compensate them if we want to fire them. After all, they are all employees who have more or less contributed to Tengda.

“As for ideological education, do as you see fit. If you want to do it, do it, but there’s no need to be too serious about it.”

Pei Qian was thinking that if such a thing really happened, he would just fire the culprit!

In any case, those who could make use of their positions for their own profit were those who held relatively important positions in the company. If such people could remain in their positions for so long, it probably meant that they were capable people. Pei Qian could take the opportunity to fire capable people, so that they could not obstruct him from losing money.

What’s more, if he compensated them after firing them, he would be making the best use of his resources.

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He had to spend as much as he could!