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Besides, there's also an enemy within I need to watch out for. I checked the time and took a seat near Kei. And as I began thinking of a way to make her aware of my presence---

Kei greeted me with a squeak? I was greeted by something along the lines of that. Looks like Kei noticed me coming over, despite the fact that she had been chatting with her friends. If so, I should just patiently wait until she's rid herself of the nuisance.

Kei continued eating dinner leisurely and manipulated her friends into leaving with the excuse of returning to their room early. I had been considering postponing our converation if it meant another student might barge in during the middle of it, or if her friends had chosen to stay but it looks like she's succeeded in manipulating them.

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Eventually, there's no one left around us who'd pay attention to either of us and so our conversation started.

Of course, if someone came our way this conversation would instantly be cut short though.

"So? Finally feel like relying on me on the third day?".

"That's about right. There's far too little information on the girls".

"Well, it can't be helped right? For someone with a communication disorder like you, there are only a few girls you could possibly make contact with".

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She gave me the cold shoulder right off the bat.

Of course, if that's something Kei can take advantage of to maintain our relationship then that's a cheap price to pay but I felt like bullying her. Just a bit.

"Then even without my advice, you can overcome this special exam?".

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"O-Of course. Who do you think I am?".