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In other words, in order to stock up on the private points that the students need to live their lives, securing these class points became the first priority.

There are several ways to earn these class points, but the most standard method involves clearing challenges given by the school called ‘special exams’.

Basically, during these special exams, the four classes would compete against each other, with those who come out on top gaining class points and those coming out on the bottom losing class points. If a certain class ends up with 1000 class points, then the students of that class would earn a monthly allowance equivalent to 100,000 yen. Conversely, should a class continuously lose these exams, their class points would eventually plummet down to zero and they would be provided with a monthly allowance of zero private points as a result.

This inseparably interlinked relationship between class points and private points is probably the school’s way of getting students with different ways of thinking to work together for the common goal of preserving their class points. This is because, for students, securing a large sum of class points means that they would be securing the perfect, fulfilling school life that everyone wanted.

However, the charm of Advanced Nurturing High School went even one step further than that.

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The school’s biggest selling point came from being a member of Class A upon graduation. The students who managed to win it all were granted the luxury of being able to move forward to any university or employment opportunity they desired. Even in the most extreme cases, whether it be a university boasting the lowest imaginable acceptance rates or a major first-class company, the students would be guaranteed to get in with a free pass. However, this didn’t mean they could afford to be overly optimistic. After being accepted, if one’s raw potential wasn’t enough to get the job done, it’s only natural that they would be screened out and eliminated eventually.

Even so, there was no denying that this was still an exceedingly attractive offering.

I guess this is probably a good enough overview of Advanced Nurturing High School.

I, Ayanokōji Kiyotaka, am currently a student enrolled in this remarkable high school where I’ll soon be embarking on my second year.

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As of April 1st, I’m a student in Class D, with a total of 275 class points. This means that every month, I’ll receive approximately 30,000 yen’s worth of private points. Incidentally, the current highest ranked class, Class A, was led by Sakayanagi with an overwhelming total of 1119 points. Following behind that is Class B, led by Ichinose, with 542. And following only just barely behind that was Class C, led by Ryūen, with 540.

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When comparing our class with the other classes, the difference in class points may seem large, but even so, it may be more accurate to say that the gap between us has shrunk.

The extent to which we can close this gap over the course of this next year would make all the difference.

(Chapter 1 End)

After a long and yet somehow short spring break had come to an end, the day of the opening ceremony finally arrived. We moved out of our old, familiar first-year classroom and relocated to a new one for second-years. At a glance, the desk and chairs seemed to be the same, but for whatever reason, the room gave off a different feeling. The first thing that awaited us as we arrived in this new classroom was a message ‘displayed’ on the blackboard.

[Sit down in the same seat you used last year and wait for further instructions.]

Last year, the blackboard was one that the teachers would write on with chalk.

However, the blackboard before me was a blackboard, yet not at the same time.

Put simply, it had been replaced by a large monitor.

The school had probably chosen to install it this year, judging from the fact that it was shining with a radiance that made it seem like it had just come out of the box.