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The two of them shared a brief back and forth.

Was Ichinose taking a day off?

Was it merely a coincidence, or was it related to what happened a few days ago like that girl just thought?

I thought about this as I distanced myself from Class B.

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How did Sakayanagi come to know Ichinose’s secret in the first place?

There are certainly conversational techniques designed to draw out secrets from other people, such as cold and hot reading. However, I can’t imagine that Ichinose would want to let anything slip about her past with shoplifting. The fact that she was denying it even now is proof enough of that.

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Considering how she’s handled herself so far, it even makes me question whether or not she would ever cave into the incitement from the greatest enemy class to begin with.

It would be different if it was Ike or Yamauchi, but Ichinose is clever.

“Did she get carried away by Sakayanagi’s coaxing…?”

Is it possible that there’s someone else that knew Ichinose’s secret?

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But even Kanzaki, the person who seems to be Ichinose’s closest ally, didn’t know anything.

And after seeing her close friends, it doesn’t seem like they know either.