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“Yeah, you did that. Five normies occupied the living room. I feel like this doesn’t fit your style at all, so I just hid. Man, I can use the holiday for rushing my progress…”

“Hmm? What progress?”

“The progress for my hentai- I-I mean the progress of my studying, sis.”

“Wow, Konoha, you’re still a model student. I can never catch up to you.”

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“I-It’s alright. A-As the president of the student council, this is my responsibility. Yep.”

Hoshinomori Konoha, the beauty who wore flimsy clothing and glanced at me uncertainly while sitting on the leather sofa. She is my outstanding sister.

Konoha seems to have just taken a bath, she wiped her hair gently with the sports towel hanging on her neck while pouring the wheat tea in the glass down her throat. The room is filled with the clear sound of ice cubes clanging into each other.

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I glanced at the TV in front of Konoha and realized it’s playing the prime time variety show. While I freaked out at how many hours have past, I still asked my sister, who doesn’t look happy, while trembling.

“Um, when did Uehara-kun and his friends went…”

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“Around 4pm, I think.”

“…Eh, strange. I don’t remember anything during that time…”

I’m not kidding, my memory just paused in the middle, and I’m scared. Suddenly, I suspected whether this is the “blank time” that the victims of alien kidnapping had experienced in supernatural shows. Still, I immediately calmed down after I heard what Konoha said.

“Yeah, sis. The second half of the game…lasted for almost an hour, I think? You seemed out of it, though. Welp, I just assumed that based on what I’ve heard from the living room.”

“T-That’s why…”

Finally, I felt a bit relieved. I realized something that caused my entire world to flip over when I’m halfway through that game of life.

Yama-san, my savior and Tsucchi, my dearest mobile game partner, their true identity is actually my rival…Keita Amano, this is the truth.

Although I think I didn’t just freak out and ran with tears on my face, I just went soulless instead. My brain just disconnected from reality.

Konoha continued explaining.

“Also, when your friends got home, you just laid down there and made weird noises…So, I watched some manga before I went to the bath.”