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“Most of the first-years won’t make a decision either way. They’ll all be waiting for Sakayanagi to counter.”

“Wouldn’t we just end up screwin’ ourselves over waiting around for that?”

If they were short on funds, they wouldn’t be able to do anything.

“Seems it’s impossible to compete with Sakayanagi after all… How’s about we look to aim for second place instead…?”

“I agree with Ishizaki. If we offer the same amount, we’d lose out cuz of Class A’s rep.”

Ryūen simply laughed after hearing Ishizaki and Ibuki’s analysis.

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“Ha! That little girl’s probably got a triumphant look on her face right about now.”

“She’s just seen through your way of doing things. Even if we can put up a good fight with private points, they’ve just got a better rep than us.”

“Class A’s reputation is nothin’ more than a petty decoration right now. Given how much those guys value their rep, the trust they’ll lose when it all comes tumbling down’ll be immeasurable.”

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“Even if that’s true, what’re we gonna do about points? It ain’t the end of the world if the offer goes up to 300,000 or 400,000, but we couldn’t possibly pay that much to everyone!”

“There’s no need to pay. I don’t plan on working with shameless brats who keep asking for points without knowing the limit.”

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