What online make money is a liar

What online make money is a liar

To be honest, Boss Pei had just found out about the ‘industrialization model’!

However, such a good review had a mediocre response. There were even many people who objected.

Obviously, most of the audience still thought that Qiao Liang’s speech in the video was intentional. They felt that the ‘milestone’ and the ‘industrialization model’ were done by Boss Pei.

How should these good comments that reflect the truth not be buried?

Pei Qian fell deep in thought.

The first thing he thought of was to clarify things publicly.

The official announcement said that Mission and Choice had no intention of bearing the historical significance of the ‘milestone’ and had nothing to do with the ‘industrialization model’?

However, on further thought, Pei Qian did not think that would work.

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That was because it would easily make it more obvious that he was trying to cover it up. Previously, he had released too much fake news officially. The players were not buying it...

For example, Struggle had deliberately used publicity materials to mislead players previously. There was also the deliberate misleading of players on the Fitness Battle before Mission and Choice was released. Similar things had happened many times.

What’s more, every time he released fake news, the gamers would interpret it differently.

It was like shouting ‘the wolf is here’. No one would believe it if he shouted too much!

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If the official platform clarified the matter this time, the gamers might think that the official platform was being humble. That would strengthen the gamers’ understanding!

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Thus, the official account’s reputation had already been ruined. It was no longer useful.

Pei Qian thought about it again. Since he could not go through the official channels, he could only go through the unofficial channels.

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