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“It’s fiiiiiiinnee, I, wanna ask a favor, Sadiz!”

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“Eh? A favor… is it?”

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“That’s right~, why are being so silly? Sadiz~, you promised~?”

“P, promised… what?”

Geez, did you forget Sadiz? You made it to me!

If don’t keep your promise, you can’t bye bye me!

“For winning, boobies!”

“Uh, ehh?”

If I win, I can do as I like with boobies!

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The next afternoon, Ruan Guangjian crawled out of bed having a slight hangover.

Thankfully, they had only drank beer and his head was mostly cleared after sleeping.

“Oh, right! The game!”

Ruan Guangjian suddenly recalled – the game should have passed through the vetting process by now!

He took out his phone impatiently and searched for Ghost General on the official platform.

The original art was something that he and his dormitory mates had rushed out after giving it burning tons of midnight oil and he cherished it like it was his own son. As such, he naturally hoped that the game would become popular.

By then, he could use the term concept designer on himself legitimately.

Thereafter, be it whether he was looking for jobs or seeking investments, things would definitely be easier for him once he tosses these original arts under his portfolio.