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Immediately after that, the eight slashes I unleashed passed through his body.

「Aha, it didn’t hit! How mysterious! Rain Style – Intense Rain!」

Kesa-giri(Diagonal Slash), Karatake-giri(Bamboo Split), Upward Slash, Downward Slash, Thrusts – Rain-like consecutive attacks were unleashed from point-blank range. 1 2

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I somehow managed to ward it off desperately, but it was difficult to defend everything from point-blank range – I suffered several wounds.

(However… I’ve unraveled the mystery)

What Dodriel had moved to just now was – my『shadow』.

He jumped into my shadow without hesitation in that situation where the slashes were imminent.

In other words, his ability is,

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「-I saw it, Dodriel. The ability of your soul dress is to hide in the shadow, isn’t it?」

While stepping on the opponent’s shadow, all attacks from that target have no effect.

「Ahaha! Correct, Correct, Super correct! You’re the first to see through my〈Shadow Ruler〉! We can communicate with each other without words… Un, after all we are tied by the red thread of fate!」

He kept talking while grimacing happily.

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「But what can you do now that you know? It’s not like you can lose your shadow in this place, right? Alleeen?」

Dodriel then glanced to the left and right.

A lot of fluorescent lamps installed on the ceiling, and the sunlight peeking through the broken windows – certainly it would be difficult to erase my shadow in this place where there are many light sources.