How to make money on online Buddhism

How to make money on online Buddhism

"A complicated situation?".

How do I explain this? In regards to this, I was also slightly troubled. Biologically speaking, I've already extensively studied the difference between men and women academically but when it comes to applying that knowledge in reality like this, I had not learnt any strategies. And here the problem isn't only the difference between our sexes but I will also need to factor in Sakura's individual personality and feelings as well. This is a complex and strange aspect of society that human beings with intellect had constructed.

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Time had been passing while I had been considering that. The longer the silence, the more her caution would rise.

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"The thing is...I had Kushida call you out because I wanted to hand this over to you".

The letter Yamauchi entrusted me with, I offered it to Sakura.

"This is...?".

"I'd like you to accept it without asking too much. If you read the contents I'm sure you'll understand" I told Sakura.

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If the deliverer himself explains it, the meaning behind the letter will be diminished. I handed it over like that.

I felt something similar to guilt and so I averted my gaze.

On the other hand Sakura kept looking back and forth between me and the letter to try and make sense of the situation.

"L...etter....behind school building....a boy......".

The Sakura who received the letter, while staring at someplace far away, weakly whispered something to herself. Woah, but the way I just said it it could be taken to mean I'm the one who wrote that letter.

That is bad.

"I was entrusted with this from a guy who's in hiding. The sender says you'll understand if you read it. He seems to have bad handwriting, but it seems he's given it his all in writing this letter".