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Is it true that the dog makes the dog to make money?

“If you agree to it, I’ll send you the points right now.”

“Please wait. I… want to think about it.”

“Isn’t that what you’ve already been doing these past couple days?”

Slowly but surely, Nagumo’s deadline was approaching.

“You probably can’t borrow any points from the second and third years, right? Furthermore, the first years are your opponents. It’s even less likely you’ll get any from them.”

Nagumo was well aware that he was the only one who’d be willing to lend Ichinose more than four million private points.

However, he had no intention of forcing the matter.

After all, it was obvious Ichinose would come to rely on him in the end.

“Be careful. I’m a man who’s fussy about keeping deadlines.”

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“Yes. I’ll definitely contact you later.”

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Ending the call, Ichinose let out a heavy sigh as she leaned against the wall.

To Ichinose, protecting her classmates was her number one priority.

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She felt like she should be willing to accept his conditions, given that he was willing to help her get what she wanted.

But Ichinose didn’t have any experience with romance or love.

She simply couldn’t imagine that it was natural to start a relationship with someone like this.

And… deep down, her heart was telling her it was wrong.

It didn’t make sense for two people to go out if they didn’t like each other.