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“I’ll ask just to make sure, but what time did that guy say he’d get here?”

“4 o’clock.”


Ibuki took a look at the clock on the wall.

The time was just past 5:05 PM.

“It looks like he’s just a tiny bit late.”

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“It’s been more than half an hour! That’s not called being late! That’s called being ignored!”

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“Calm down and help yourself to some of this melon soda. Let’s just be patient, shall we?”

Ibuki completely disregarded the can of melon soda Shiina offered her.

“I don’t have the time for this…”

As Ibuki was about to get up, Ishizaki stopped her.

“I’m gonna wait. Ryūen-san will definitely come… maybe…”

“Are you retarded? No way in hell that guy’s gonna keep his word.”

In fact, he was already substantially late. Unwilling to get involved in this, Ibuki spat out a superficial apology and began to walk for the door.