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…Hmm, what’s happening? I definitely did this because I have no choice. That’s how I convinced myself too.

I…should’ve said that.

However, I feel really disgusted about the fact that I’m about to say it.

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The Amanocchi inside my heart stops me every time I’m about to say it.

Even though I still really love Tasuku right now, …even so, …my chest really hurts when I say I just “had to” date Amanocchi to my friends. Also, I really hate myself for saying that. …What the hell is happening?

I can answer Mikamika with a faint smile.

“F-Forget about that. How’s Tasuku doing? Is he the same in the classroom?”

“Uehara? Ah, surprisingly, he isn’t that different from usual. He just half-jokingly teased himself without showing many signs of depression.”

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“I-I see. That’s great to hear…”

I’m a bit relieved. It’s great that Tasuku can still laugh with his friends as he did. I don’t want him to feel pain because of me. …No, actually, I want him to feel pain, …but before that, the most important thing is that he should be happy.

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Mikamika continued after seeing my slightly relieved look.

“Look, you still love Uehara in the end, Aguri!