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Sudou let out a concerned voice.

She drew a red line right above Sudou’s name.

“W-what the hell? What does this mean?”

“You failed, Sudou.”

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“What? That’s a lie, right? Don’t bullshit me, why did I fail!?”

Of course, Sudou was the first to protest.

The classroom did a complete 180 from cheering to an angry uproar in a split second.

“Sudou. You failed on the English exam.”

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“Don’t lie to me, the passing grade is a 32! I passed!”

“When did anyone say that the passing grade is a 32?”

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“No no, Sensei said so! Right, everyone!?”

Ike shouted in support of Sudou.

“Nothing you say will help. This is the unmistakable truth. On this midterm, the passing grade was a 40. In other words, you were one point short. Almost, but not quite.”

“F-forty!? I never heard of this! I can’t agree to this!”

“Then, should I tell you how we decide what is a passing grade?”

Chiyabashira-sensei wrote a formula on the board.

She wrote, “79.6/2 = 39.8”.

“Last test, and this test as well, each class has a set passing grade. And that grade was half the average.”

In other words, anything lower than a 39.8 was a failing grade.