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“Other than that, he had also invested a large amount of capital into the development of the Gourmet Laboratory.

“The first result of Gourmet Laboratory is the Fitness meal 2.0, but it did not satisfy Boss Rui so that progress had been halted and is currently awaiting Boss Rui’s commands.”

Pei Qian’s eyes lit up.

Yes, all of them were good news!

The opening of stores in large quantities was instructed by Pei Qian, but for it was rather unexpected that Rui Yuchen was able to understand his intent to this extent.

Rui Yuchen did much better than Lu Mingliang on this note.

Lu Mingliang was a little too obedient. He only dared to branch out more Upwind Courier stations when Boss Pei dictated him to; otherwise, he did not dare to do so. The entire department was still in huge losses after all.

However, Boss Pei obviously hoped that these loss-making departments could exert more subjective initiative and carry the heavy task of burning money. He did not want to always enforce things with a whip.

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Rui Yuchen frantically began to prepare for a new store and spend a lot of money on the Gourmet Laboratory and research and development after receiving Boss Pei’s orders. It felt as though he was not distressed about spending other people’s money!

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That was a great sign, worthy to be praised.

Boss Pei needed talents like him who were daring to spend money!

It seemed like Gourmet Laboratory’s progress was very slow since there had been no results so far for Fitness meal 2.0. He probably did not need to worry about it for the time being.

All the Manage Loss Trainees completed their reports in no time. Tang Yishu listened carefully and created minute meetings. All these contents were kept on her.

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Pei Qian’s consideration was that some problems might have appeared, but he might not have judged it accurately because of his negligence or because he might have insufficient information.

After a while, it might be necessary to review the contents of this meeting again.

A successful project would certainly not emerge out of thin air. Look through these reports and find out how it performed when it first showed signs so that it could at least provide a reference for the future.

Pei Qian coughed slightly. “Not bad, everyone did well. I’m very satisfied. Please keep it up.

“Finally, I’ll emphasize two points.