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Part-time online typing and making money

Hotels were common themes, but it was relatively less common than cemeteries, mental hospitals, and netherworlds.

The subject could be regarded as relatively now, or it could be said that the degree of shock may not be enough. In short, it depended on how it was done.

He continued reading.

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The Thriller Hostel would have three major projects. The first would be a multi-person interactive project. The third project is a very scary traditional horror house. These two projects had a general framework with no specific plans.

The second project was like a transitional project. Some specifics had been penned down.

At present, they had six sub-projects planned; all of which were very simple. They could be completed with sites of a maximum of dozens of square meters each. Only one person was allowed at any one time.

These smaller venues would be in shipping containers. There would be wheels in under the containers, making them mobile where the order would be regularly disrupted. In that way, the player would be entering into a random room every time.

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Pei Qian looked at these smaller projects in turn.

The first small project: Bathroom. The scenery was a very narrow bathroom with a mirror, washbasin, toilet, bathtub, etc. The layout was similar to a regular bathroom.

The setting would be worn out. The dim lights, washbasin, mirror, and bathtub were all dirty, probably not scrubbed for a long time. The shadows in the corner of the bathroom seemed to be coagulated blood.

Guests had to enter the bathroom alone and must complete a series of steps given. Once all the steps were completed, the challenge would be deemed successful. Failing any of the steps would fail the challenge.

First, the guest would have to lock the bathroom, pick up a red candle by the side, and turn off the bathroom light.

Thereafter, they would have to light the candle. Relying on its light, they should find the mirror on top of the washbasin and place the candle on the platform in front of the mirror—where toiletries should be. That would be in between the mirror and the player.

Then, they had to cover their eyes with both hands for more than three seconds and then look into the mirror.