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What? Too late? You mean he’s a self-centered bastard who is too far gone to be helped anymore?

Well, it doesn’t matter...

“I forgave it at school, but I won’t forgive anyone who does the same thing again.”

Tre’ainar? Is it all right? Can I blow this guy away?


Tre’ainar? For some reason, stayed silent... what’s wrong?

With a somewhat serious look...

“Hmm... of course. Do forgive with thy open heart.”

A woman’s voice resounded, putting a stop to the situation.

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We were left speechless by the dignified voice as if the moment had stopped.

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“That is not an opponent worth thy efforts. Do not bully the weak over this.”

There she was, a monster overflowing with a presence that seemed to dominate the place by her words alone.

“”””””High Priestess!!??”””””

“...... High Priestess...”

It was a presence that surprised the entire town, and even the bitches and dude, who I wanted to hit as soon as possible, had surprised expressions.

And the High Priestess, Jamdi’el, walked past me...