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“At that time, you said that 15 million yuan would be enough. I was worried that it would not be enough so I raised it to 20 million yuan. Now, it seems like 20 million yuan is not enough!”

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“I have to add more!”

At this point, Lin Chang quickly said, “No problem! Boss Pei, no matter how much you add, Shenhua will add the same amount!”

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Pei Qian glanced at him, speechless.

Why are you interfering?

Pei Qian did not want to invest together with Lin Chang at first because Pei Qian wanted to incur losses. If Lin Chang offered the same amount of money, wouldn’t he incur losses as well?

It was better for Boss Pei to bear this alone.

However, when he thought about what Lin Chang had done a few days ago, Pei Qian no longer sympathized with him.

He deserved it!

Pei Qian laughed. “Alright, Tengda will invest another 10 million yuan.”

Lin Chang was stunned. “Huh? That much?”

Pei Qian cleared his throat and said, “If it’s not convenient for Boss Lin, Tengda can take care of everything...”