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Tian Mo and Zhuang Dong drank their coffee in the cafe in the shopping mall silently.

Tian Mo yawned and looked at his watch. It was almost 10 AM.

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Zhuang Dong gulped down three mouthfuls of coffee and asked, “Brother Gou, how was it? Did you figure out anything last night?”

Tian Mo rolled his eyes. “Don’t ask.”

Zhuang Dong stopped asking obediently.

Tian Mo had gotten off work at five o’clock yesterday. After returning to his apartment, he thought about it seriously, trying to figure out what was wrong with the zero sales volume on Saturday.

In the end, he thought hard and kept thinking until two in the morning, but he could not think of anything.

He reflected on his role as a customer and felt that it was normal for customers not to buy it. It would be abnormal if they bought it.

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The sales had already said that the quality-price ratio of these products was not high. Were they stupid or cheap? Who would still buy them?

However, Boss Pei had personally set these rules. Boss Pei could not be wrong.

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What exactly was wrong then?

Tian Mo really could not figure out this problem. That was why he did not sleep well yesterday and woke up late today. He should have come to the shop at nine, but it was already nine when he woke up.

Since it was already too late, Tian Mo decided to go all out. He brought Zhuang Dong to the cafe for a cup of coffee to refresh himself before going to work.

It did not matter if he was late. It did not matter if he went earlier or later. He could not sell anything.

The two of them finished their coffee in silence before heading upstairs to the entrance of the shop.