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“Eh? W-Well, how, uh, uh, I, Keita…”

Chiaki-san freaked out since she’s embarrassed. I still held her hand tightly and pressed on.

“Of course, I love Amano-kun too. I sincerely…and deeply love him, …to the point that I’m willing to let myself suffer.”


This time, after Chiaki-san heard the sentence that I mustered out, she held my hand tightly. …I want to cry. However, I can’t break down here. I raised my head determined and continued.

“However, previously, -the fact that I’m dating him has trampled…your noble love, …and your feeling brutally.”

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“N-No, my feelings weren’t trampled! I’m not thinking that at all…!”

Chiaki-san tried to retort, but I interrupted her.

“The reason why I started dating him is twisted. It’s a product of misunderstandings and luck. However, I think…I’ve always just sat and enjoyed the relationship with Amano-kun since I love him.”

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“It’s not like that. …Think about it, …Keita’s second confession is undoubtedly sincere…”

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Chiaki-san was startled as she quickly comforted me, who’s supposed to be her rival in love.

(…Really, why can’t you notice it? The more you act like this, …the more determined I became.)

Although I can’t help but laugh out, I still continued.

“Yeah, after that confession, I think we’re genuinely dating. That love is 100%!r(MISSING)eal. …E-Even though I suspected it idiotically at one time, I still believed we were couples at that time. That’s why, while this relationship is temporary, and I understand that it’s really selfish, I took his first kiss away before breaking up. After all, this is undeniable evidence that we dated.”

“If that’s the case…”

“However, even so, the fact that it’s flawed at the start won’t change. …Also, someone’s rejected feelings won’t disappear as well.”