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I could vaguely imagine what her reaction must’ve been like after hearing her name called.

“So you’re sayin’ I was saved by Ishizaki and Ibuki, huh? What an annoying gift they’ve given me.”

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“I guess.”

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I wasn’t going to delve any further into this. If Ibuki and Ishizaki hadn’t visited my room that day, I would’ve probably brought up my plan with Hiyori instead.

Then, I would’ve had her collect Ryūen’s private points and do the same thing I had Ibuki do.

I had done all of this in order to have Ichinose owe me a favor. At the same time, I didn’t want Ryūen to be expelled for some reason I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

I had carried these complicated thoughts with me throughout the entire exam.

“What are you gonna do if there’s another exam like this one later?”

“Kuku. Who knows?”

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He didn’t say that he wouldn’t do anything.

Among other things, Ryūen probably felt at least somewhat thankful for what Ishizaki and Ibuki had done.

Things might become much more interesting if Ryūen ends up making a comeback in the not-so-distant future.

Of course, whether or not that would happen would be entirely up to him.

My phone began to ring. I took a look at the caller ID to find that it was none other than Ichinose.

Having noticed what was happening, Ryūen turned around and walked back into the school building without saying another word. I answered the call and spoke.

“It seems Class B made it through the exam without losing anyone.”