No need to pay for online

No need to pay for online

●Match 7

Lyron Data

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Vigg Mhara

●Match 8

Kab Cavady (External)

Machio Proteen

I guess I’ll be facing Mr. Machio in the finals.

In a way, it’s an ideal combination. I’m not sure about the others.

“Now, in the order of this matchup, the host will call everyone out for introductions, so we will ask all of them to appear in the arena once. After that, the first two fighters of the opening round will remain in the arena and have their match.”


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“Just so you know, the rules are anything but killing and grievous injury to the opponent! That’s all for the explanation! Good luck!”

It was a fairly simple explanation of the rules. I felt like there were a few in the previous match, but anyway, this one seemed more a pure struggle.

“Fufu, you and I ended up on completely opposite mountains.”