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“Ocean Stronghold’s downloadable content is basically Brother Huang’s idea. I’m just cooperating with him.”

Lin Wan smiled. “There’s no need to be overly humble. Humility is a virtue, but it will also affect confidence.”

“Boss Pei obviously wants to nurture everyone into polymaths, able to take charge of everything on our own, and not just be a replaceable part.”

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“Summarize your experience this time. Boss Pei might give you more similar missions in the future.”

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Wang Xiaobin nodded. “Alright, I’ll get back to work.”

He returned to his desk, checked it one last time, and officially updated Repent and be Saved and Ocean Stronghold to the new versions.

The old game update plan this time was divided into two parts: The Lonely Desert Road and Game Designer had been updated earlier because there was not much content; Repent and be Saved and Ocean Stronghold had been updated more. Thus, it had been delayed until this month.

Ocean Stronghold, in particular, had almost a whole new story mode.

This downloadable content was a story about Qin Yi entering the nest when he was the captain of a special team before he became a commander. The story outline was completely provided by Huang Sibo. It was said to be closely related to the game plot of Mission and Choice.

Wang Xiaobin did not know the specific plot of ‘Mission and Choice’. He only followed Huang Sibo’s request and the information that he had given him. He seriously organized people to develop this downloadable content for advanced warming up.

Wang Xiaobin had completed the task given to him by Boss Pei now that all the downloadable content had been developed. He could finally relax.

“I’m not sure how Ye Zhizhou is doing. He’s not going to only come back after they win the championship, right?”

Wang Xiaobin had always been unhappy about Boss Pei transferring Ye Zhizhou to Los Angeles to be a tactical analyst.