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"I wonder what kind of plot this is?".

I don't know about that but the certain thing is they seem to be in a festive mood in any case. As I stood around waiting for the girls to arrive, I felt the atmosphere around me make a complete change.

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Putting in effort is a basic prerequisite for people to attract positive attention to themselves. To put it in an easy-to-understand manner, take studying for example. If you were the foremost at it or took 1st place, people around you will take notice of it. Once again, demonstrating remarkable success in sports will also cause people to pay attention to you.

But there are also exceptions to that. One of those is a conspicuous appearance. Handsome men and beautiful women, it doesn't matter which, that class of people will find it easier to bathe in attention than the ones I cited above. Of course I'm not saying they're not putting in effort to maintain their outward appearances but there's no denying that such a special element exists to this.

I can't speak for other schools but at the very least in regards to this school, I can safely say that the 'appearance' level is high. The members of the group currently going out with us aside as a matter-of-fact, a lot of the students around us I don't know the names of are also obviously high-level visually speaking.

Of course there are all sorts of people and there's no denying that but normally the cream doesn't rise to the top to this degree. It would be natural that Ike and the others spend each and every day aroused and excited. And on top of that outside appearance, I wonder how it would be if even their inside personalities were to be perfect. Cute and fashionable around people and excelling in academics. Anyone's gaze would be stolen away by a girl like that.

In the loud corridor of the facility, all the male students almost simultaneously turned their gaze towards a single place.

"Hey---, this is a huge crowd, isn't it?".

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Then, without even noticing their gazes and bathing in their attention, the figure of Ichinose appeared at the scene of the meetup.


Not knowing where else to look, I directed my gaze towards the wall as I lightly raised my hand to answer her.

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"Where are the others? I thought the boys would be faster at changing" Ichinose said.

"They're still changing".

It could be said that due to various circumstances at play they were late too.

"But really, you've finished changing rather quickly".

Considering that it wasn't that far apart from me, that's quite a feat.

"Nyahaha, I'm confident in my changing speed". She answered with a slightly proud tone like that to something that's not really a feat to boast of. This innocence, too, may be the secret to Ichinose's popularity.

"Ohh? Ayanokouji-kun, you've bought a rash guard?".