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A strange shock that I had never experienced before struck the center of my body.

「Ahaa… The match between swordsmen is a serious battle! With this… It’s my victory, Allen!」

Dodriel’s face distorted with joy.

From there, as I slowly looked down – his sword was pierced deep into my chest.

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Can’t… breath.

The taste of iron filled my mouth and burning pain ran through my body.

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I leaned against Dodriel as is and fell forward.

「Ahaha, ahaha, ahahahaha… AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA……!」

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A laugh which jarred the ears.

What I saw at the end of my gradually blurring vision was the figure of Ria, restrained by the shadows.

「Ri, a…」

The hand I stretched out towards her by mustering my last bit of power, fell on the ground in vain.

And my consciousness sank into a deep, black darkness.

Dodriel, who thrusted his sword through Allen’s heart,