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"Why are you guys giving me a 'this girl doesn't know anything' vibe! What did I say!"

"No, … it's about your 'the graphics got better' speech. …Although the way you put it is pretty dumb, you didn't say anything wrong. By the way, graphics, …graphics, right?"

"Alright, Amanocchi, come here and grit your teeth."

"The term 'grit your teeth' appeared twice within 5 minutes from the start of the discussion. I think this Hobby Club is way too vicious. Ay, but, …sorry, I guess I did act a bit rude there. Aguri-san, it's just like what you said. Gaming technology has indeed advanced a lot. Graphics are getting better, and the loading time is significantly reduced, while some focused on online battles…"

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"Right? Uh, …if that's the case, then modern games are indeed better, right. The 'good old days' faction is just a bunch of otakus that beautify their memories, am I correct?"


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"Please don't give me this kind of 'hopelessness' so explicitly, alright! You guys said that non-gamers can enter the Game Hobby Club, right!"

Her boyfriend, Uehara-kun, answered what Aguri-san said helplessly.

"You're right. …However, how should I put it? Everything that you said will make all gamers' hmph' out loud."

"What do you mean?"

"Uh, … here's an example. You love family restaurants, right? Then, if people that don't go to the restaurants casually said 'why don't we visit a better one instead of family restaurants' while chatting, how would you feel?"



"I see." Aguri-san understood Uehara-kun's explanation as she agreed. They're really couples, what a way to present themselves. However, I guess Aguri-san is still not entirely convinced. She continued questioning us.

"Hmm, …but that's not the same as meals. In reality, modern games just have more parts that are better than old ones, and yet the past is still better?"