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Meng Chang keenly felt that he did not fit in with the atmosphere here, so he laughed and prepared to leave. “Alright, Boss Lin, come and receive Teacher Qiao. Let’s talk about the gaming experience with him. I’ll make a move first.”

Meng Chang heaved a sigh of relief after leaving Slow Movement Studio.

Fortunately, everything was going well!

There might be a small flaw but his plan was considered a success. Teacher Qiao would definitely devote himself to the evaluation of “Animal Island” in the future and not pay attention to “Eternal Reincarnation”.

He had gotten rid of a hidden danger on the way to commission!

The so-called minor flaw referred to his plan that had slightly aroused Lin Wan’s suspicion.

Meng Chang called Lin Wan first and said that Teacher Qiao wanted to participate in the test for Animal Island. After Lin Wan agreed, he called Teacher Qiao and invited him to Slow Movement Studio to participate in the test for Animal Island.

Just like that.

However, this plan was not seamless. The biggest hidden danger was that Lin Wan, Ye Zhizhou, and Teacher Qiao were very close. However, Lin Wan, Teacher Qiao, and Meng Chang were not close...

Why did he need strangers to help him link to those he was familiar with?

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That was strange.

Meng Chang’s explanation was that as the person-in-charge of the advertising and marketing department, he had to come up with a publicity plan next month. It was related to Teacher Qiao and Slow Movement Studio.

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He had used this slightly lame excuse to bluff his way through, but it obviously could not completely eliminate Lin Wan’s suspicions.

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Of course, this was not a big problem. Even if Lin Wan had doubts about his motives, it was impossible for her to guess the truth behind it. After all, Meng Chang and Boss Pei’s agreement was absolutely confidential. No outsiders would know.

Meng Chang felt much more at ease after the arrangements for Teacher Qiao. He prepared to go back and continue thinking about places where loopholes still existed.

In Slow Movement Studio, Lin Wan found a work desk for Qiao Liang in the office. Then, she handed him a VR glasses from a certain foreign brand.

There was a demo for “Animal Island” on the VR.

“We’re still in the development stage. There are still many problems. If you discover any problems during the experience, you can report them to the chief designer of our project at any time,” Lin Wan said.

Qiao Liang nodded immediately. “Don’t worry!”