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“The same as you? Don’t make jokes like that. The strategy I set up at the sports festival was perfect.”

“What’s up with that outcome? You don’t even explain anything to us and now you say there's another guy that thinks like you in that class? You want us to just accept that?”

All of the students in the class were trembling due to the rebuttals being made by Ibuki. They all wanted to avoid offending Ryūen. But Ryūen paid them no mind, and showed a constantly slight smile.

“Don’t you think that no matter how perfect a strategy, it will fail if somebody leaks it?”


“The mysterious success of Class D is due to the mysterious existence of ‘X’, who dares to draw and manipulate the Class C students at my command. In short, we have spies among us.”

There was a little confusion in the classroom because of his remark. Ibuki’s eyes blew open in surprise.

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“Are you serious…?”

“This is a fact. My cohesiveness… no, it seems that authority was not enough. It truly is a pity.”

Ryūen smiled happily at the fact that he will become intertwined with the spy.

A disaster had sprung for everyone in the class, not just those looking to get out of the room and attend club activities.

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Everyone present began praying that this would be over soon.

“However, this noisy espionage will end here.”

Ryūen slammed the podium with his palm and silenced the chaos of the room. The scene sank into silence.

“First of all, I will try to asking honestly. The student who betrayed me, raise your hand.”

He did not hesitate to issue a direct declaration. Of course, none of the students raised their hands. Some of the students glanced around at each other, which was responded to with feigned ignorance. There are also those who stayed still and held their breath to avoid attracting attention.

“Oh yeah… if you come forward easily, you won’t have betrayed me at all.”

The presence of a spy may shake Class C, but there was nothing but joy in Ryūen’s heart.