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“The meaning is not bad, the lines are not bad. Long Yu Corporation has done things properly in the promotional video. It is worth encouraging if they did not lose to Tengda.”

While some viewers felt that IOI’s promotional video was imitating GOG’s World Series promotional video, there was no need to nitpick.

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Promotional videos had similar styles after all. As long as there were no obvious signs of plagiarism in action, camera, or creativity, there was no need to keep harping on it.

Obviously, Long Yu Corporation did not intend to plagiarize either. They had only hired a top-notch filming team and used a similar E-Sports style. They had all combined with the originality of the game in terms of the players’ movements, details, lines, and the like so their reviews were not bad.

The promotional video was very popular especially with the fact that Long Yu Corporation had hired some fake reviewers. It received positive reviews on various forums and websites.

Pei Qian could not help but nod in appreciation.

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Look, this is a good example of copying homework!

The promotional video for GOG’s international invitational tournament had already given out the standard answers. It would be too much if IOI did not copy it.

The current situation was pretty good. As long as Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation worked a little harder and followed behind GOG, and then engaged in price wars and unfair competition, Pei Qian would be thankful.

“It looks like Dayak Corporation is going all out to complete the IOI World Tournament this time. It should be worth looking forward to. Hopefully, we can steal all the limelight from GOG’s Spring Festival Tournament.”

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Pei Qian closed the promotional video with a beautiful vision in his mind.

However, he subconsciously refreshed the page and found a new update.

GOG had an official account on Aili Island’s website which Pei Qian also followed. This new post was released by GOG’s official account.