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“I don’t know…… I’ve thought about it, but it’s unclear. Did he simply want to know for a fact about Ichinose’s large quantity of points? Or…… No, that’s not possible. It can’t be for such a stupid reason.”

Ryūen was about to say it, but then he stopped himself. It was simply too out of touch with reality.

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“Hey, Kikyō. I don’t know about your past, and I’m not really interested in that sort of thing. However, if you continue persistently trying to have Horikita drop-out of school, you’re going to be wiped out.”

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This strategy was prepared with great care and executed without mercy. This was definitely the character that Ryūen is looking for, X.

“Things aren’t looking good for you either. Isn’t it bad for Class C to lose this special exam?”

“That’s right. With this, your Class D is now within reach of promoting to Class C.”

“How do you feel about getting dropped down by that defective Class D?”

Ryūen didn’t feel anything in particular, even in response to Kushida’s relentless question.

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This was because he never had any interest in such trivial matters from the very beginning.

“It feels fantastic. Whether it’s with class A, D, or whatever, the showdowns so far have only scratched the surface of what there is to reveal.”

“……What does that mean?”

Of course, Ryūen wouldn’t answer. However, his objective still hasn’t changed since he entered the school. While there’ve been times when things haven’t gone according to plan, preparations for promotion to Class A have been well underway.

“Do the best you can and aim for the upper class.”

Ryūen said this and then turned around, intending to leave.