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For some reason, she seems to be in a bad mood.


「It’s not Allen’s fault, so you don’t have to worry about it.」

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And, I went back to the dorm with Ria, who was pouting for some reason.

When we finally reached our dormitory, the time was already eleven o’clock at night.

(I want to get ready for bed and take a rest soon, but…)

As I fleetingly looked next to me, Ria, with a complex expression, sighed a little.

She has been like this since we parted with everyone.

She trudged along with a long face while occasionally whispering strange things like, “What should I do if taken away?”, “No, I still hold the advantage right now”, “Should I make the first attack and seal the deal… I wonder?” and so on.

Taken, advantage, attack – she seemed to be fighting something that was not visible.

(Exactly as Sebas-san advised… Ria seems to be unwell after all.)

I’m truly amazed by his fearsome observation. As expected of the『Emperor’s Four Knight』, I guess.

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(Anyway, right now, I need to cheer her up.)

My mother used to say,『sickness and health start with the mind』.

(Can’t help it. I should hold out a little longer before going to sleep.)

I pulled myself together and coughed once.

「Hey, Ria. Do you have anything you particularly would want to eat?」