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『Ready? Do not jump by the inertia without a set frequency or duration. Decide on a break. At first, I guess…Three minutes. Then, with an interval in between, another three minutes to jump in a different manner.』

However, don’t just jump like an idiot, also set a limit and concentrate.

In addition, check your posture and form as you jump by looking at your whole body with a big mirror.

“【Great Demon ? Double Jump】”


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No one particularly reacted when I was just jumping normally, but when I showed off various techniques such as double jumping, they started to sound impressed.

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“That newcomer, isn’t this his first time with a Magical Jumping Rope …?”

“Yeah, but how to use it and how to jump … even the double jumping is done properly …”

“Such reflexes, he’s pretty good.”

I’m being praised for many things, but this much was fine because I’ve done several image training sessions.

Moreover, I was instructed by the Great Demon King the entire time….

“Un~… un, un, un!”

At that moment, when she saw me jumping, maybe she wanted to do it too, Amae took out a small jump rope that seemed to be for children, and started jumping hard next to me.

“Heh, you’re good at that, aren’t you?”

“Unfmm~ ?”