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Sebas-san, in accordance with the president’s order, was taken away by the Senior Holy Knights.

(Fuu, what kind of relationship do they have?)

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I was a little interested, but… let’s ask that another time.

In any case, we won the fierce battle with the excellent White Lily Academy, and returned to the special viewing seat of Thousand Blade Academy.

When I sat down in my seat and finally calmed down,

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「…Nee, Allen-kun. Will you be alright in the next fight?」

The president asked hesitantly.

「Well… If my opponent is not at Idol-san’s level, there’s no big problem.」

In the fight with her, I should have consumed all my spiritual power, but…

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For some reason, my condition was in a perfect form like never before.

The wound in my chest was completely healed now. Unusual vitality filled my body to the brim from head to toe.

(I wonder what on earth is this?)

It was a strange feeling. Like something other than spiritual power was coursing through my body.

But this is not the first time.

I’ve experienced this feeling once before.

(If I remember correctly, it was around the time when I was fighting against the president in the Club Budget War…)

When I was vacantly thinking back on those old days,

「I-I see… You can still fight even after all that.」