Good online make money project

Good online make money project

In the end, he did not expect He Desheng to take the initiative to approach him when he was feeling conflicted. That was so heartwarming!

This meant that Tengda had high hopes for this project. Be it in terms of funding or confidence, it had given everyone a boost.

Therefore, Boss Liu was very touched and thanked He Desheng profusely.

He Desheng smiled. “Oh, you don’t have to thank me. I’m just following Boss Pei’s instructions.”

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Boss Liu quickly said, “I understand. Anyway, thank you so much! Thank you for your support and trust in our company, Boss Pei and Boss He!”

“My employees and I will work harder!”

He Desheng called the other two small companies that had no hope of making profits in the short term to inform them of the additional investment. These companies were also overjoyed and moved.

To them, Tengda and Dream Realization Ventures’ actions were too heartwarming!

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These small companies were in different situations and there were those with good and bad chances of succeeding but most people really wanted to complete the project.

That was also because the finances of these companies were under Tengda’s supervision. They could not come up with any tricks. Everyone’s interests were aligned. If the project succeeded, not only would the investors be able to earn money, but the bosses and employees would also be able to earn money.

Under such a shortage of funds, Tengda’s generosity was very touching.

Finally, He Desheng called Meng Chang.

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“Hello? Boss He!” Meng Chang’s passionate voice sounded from the other end of the line.

He Desheng could not help but feel emotional. To others, Meng Chang was a perfect, perfect entrepreneur.

He had an excellent image, was eloquent, able to infect others with his speech, good execution, long-sighted vision, and always full of energy. He would pour 100%!o(MISSING)f his energy into work at any time...

These merits were all concentrated on one person. Even if there was a small flaw, most investors would subconsciously ignore it.