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Pei Qian trusted Old Ma very much.

Since he had already told Old Ma to be strict with the Fully-Automated Bickering Machine, be stingy with the details, and speak truthfully of the problems, Old Ma would definitely follow his instructions very seriously.

Chen Yufeng was a tool who was completely obedient to Old Ma. He had always been conscientious and hardworking. There should not be any major problems.

All in all, he hoped that the “live commerce” live-stream would dissuade consumers who were still watching from the sidelines. He hoped that the smart bickering machines would sell less, suppress more goods, and earn less money.

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Soon, it was time.

Ma Yang officially started the live-stream amidst the numerous bullet screen comments.

Old Ma’s live-stream also had a fixed audience after such a long period of accumulation, with the money being distributed on Weibo and the live commerce live-streams.

Some people watched Old Ma’s live-stream to avoid the pitfalls. They would avoid any products that were of poor quality. Some were purely watching for fun.

At the same time, Ma Yang’s team was busy.

After a whole day of work, the script that had been revised several times had been completely finalized. The various sections of the live-stream review had been arranged, including the dismantling of the machine and the various functions of the test. They had also been pre-planned to ensure that nothing went wrong.

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What’s more, Ma Yang was not the only one who appeared in the live-stream anymore. Occasionally, Chen Yufeng would appear as an assistant to help Old Ma with some technical work.

Ma Yang scanned the comments, his long face filled with pride.

Look at the number of bullet screen comments and the popularity. I’ve helped Brother Qian build his empire!

On the bullet screen, netizens were guessing what they would bring today.