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Ye Zhizhou was in charge of the operations of GOG’s overseas version while Min Jingchao was in charge of the updates and domestic operations of GOG’s new version now. These two people could be said to be Boss Pei’s greatest threat.

If they worked hard, GOG’s market share would increase significantly!

The better their work, the harder it would be for Boss Pei to incur losses.

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This time, Pei Qian had arranged a schedule for the entire FV Club until the end of next month, which was the end of IOI’s global finals.

Pei Qian did not think that FV Club could win the championship at all. After all, the European and American teams had started early and trained a lot. They had even adapted to the version first. FV Club was a team that had only been reorganized for less than a month. What did they have to fight against veteran European and American teams?

They would probably be eliminated in the quarterfinals at best.

However, being eliminated did not affect their tour in Los Angeles!

The other clubs had booked tickets to return to China the day after they were eliminated. That was inhumane. The team members had worked hard during their training. It was not easy for them to get a visa and go overseas. Why shouldn’t they have a few days of fun?

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Thus, no matter what FV Club’s results were, Pei Qian would ask them to stay in Los Angeles until IOI’s global finals ended.

In that case, if Ye Zhizhou and Min Jingchao, the two greatest threats, went to Los Angeles, wouldn’t GOG’s work slow down and stagnate for an entire month?

Even if these two wanted to work online, Jingzhou and Los Angeles had a time difference of more than ten hours. One was during the day while the other was at night. Tengda would be done with work by the time they woke up.

Thus, Pei Qian did not think much about it and readily agreed.

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As for Bao Xu and Zhou Pengyuan on the list, Pei Qian felt that they were dispensable. However, since Zhang Yuan had asked for them, Pei Qian decided to let them go. He would be able to spend more money.

Zhang Yuan was quite touched.

Boss Pei really trusted him. How could he give such an important department head away just like that!

He immediately called the four of them and asked them to arrange the handover of work and prepare an urgent visa.

A few minutes later, Bao Xu, who was happily playing games at his desk, received a call from Zhang Yuan.

His expression changed from ease to shock and confusion.