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The moment the man came in, I felt the room temperature in the dojo increase.


I sweated from the whole body, steam rose, and I felt like the other people who were training at the dojo firmed up.

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“Ha~llo~… Uncle!”

“Amae… don’t run around in the dojo too much… you’ll get hurt.”


“And you shouldn’t touch me right away. I’m covered in sweat.”

Amae also threw the jump rope and happily ran to the man.

Seeing that, I understood.

No, even if I didn’t see anything like that, I already knew the moment the man walked into the dojo.

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The atmosphere was clearly different.

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A physique that if a hundred people were asked, a hundred people would say it was huge. However, to be honest, if it was only height, there might be bigger guys, and in terms of race, Mr. Aka would be bigger. But this guy was not only big, but his density is amazing.

Well-developed muscles that could be seen even from the top of clothes. The arms, the neck, the legs, and everything were thick like a log, and yet, at a glance, had a hardness and craftiness to them. [2]

『Hoh~… a fine physique… the face is appealing as well.』

With a finely-chiseled, dark face and short hair, the moment he entered the dojo, his eyes had radiated an uncanny spirit, but as soon as Amae came running up to him, his eyes softened warmly and he smiled at her with a fatherly atmosphere.