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What can be part-time to make money?

Zhang Yuan started to introduce these club managers one by one to Boss Pei.

Pei Qian could not tell; neither could he remember who was who. He only felt that they were very important people.

Why did so many clubs come?!

There were only a few domestic esports clubs, wasn’t it? It wasn’t possible that all of them wanted to purchase players from the DGE Club, right?

That would really make him despair.

Pei Qian sat down in the empty seat, his expression dead. It was worse than he originally expected in terms of the number of clubs!

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These club managers had some associated thinking in their hearts when they saw Boss Pei’s expression.

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He did not look too happy.

Why? Shouldn’t he be happy that we were here to purchase his players and to give him money?

Or he could not bear to lose these players?

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Or perhaps he felt that we were here too late and showed too little respect for his players—unlike the H4 club?