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Putting the objective of the first year student aside for now, both of them felt that I should show up to the meeting. Airi also grew relieved after hearing that it wasn’t a confession, and was sending me off happily, so I had no particular reason to refuse.

“Okay. What should I do?”

“Thanks! Well, let me tell him you said yes.”

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Kushida took out her phone and gave him a call.

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“Then we’ll go now. See you later.”

After a brief talk, the members of the Ayanokouji group went back to the dormitory.

“Sorry about this.”

It seems like he hasn’t picked up the phone yet, Kushida apologized to me again as she held her phone to her ear.

“It’s not a big deal. Nobody in the group will complain about it.”

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The 1st year boy picked up the phone shortly after.

“Ah, hello? Ayanokouji-kun said that you could meet him now. Uh-huh, ah, is that so? Then we’ll wait here.”

Kushida hung up in less than ten seconds.

“He seems to be heading this way already, so let’s just wait here, so that we don’t miss him, okay?”

The 1st year student who wanted to meet me seemed to be already on his way over.

“So, it seems like you’re already on good terms with the 1st years?”

“Ehhh? It’s July already, it’s been a long time…”

“… That’s true.”

It’s been over three months since the 1st years joined the school. If you look out the hallway window, you could see the highly raised sun burning the ground.