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"I don't mind. But would a call suffice? Or do you want to meet in person?".

"In person, I guess. If possible, how about now?".

"I'm at a cafe right now. If you can come here, then I'll hear you out".

Contrary to the image I had, it seems Horikita is currently in the middle of an outing.

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I felt slightly troubled by it, but it's better to get troublesome things over with as quickly as possible.

"I'll head over there immediately".

I replied with just that and covered myself with my coat. When I went down to the dorm's lobby, Ike and Yamauchi, and also Sudou, had gathered there. Having come down via elevator and seemingly on their way out, they didn't notice me behind them. As I began walking in the same direction as those three without calling out to them, I overheard their conversation.

"What's up with that, Ken? In the end, Horikita rejected a Christmas date with you".

"Shut up, Haruki. Leave it be".

"In the end, we're going to close off this year without having had any girlfriends, huh. I feel so empty".

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"Tch. I'm going to take it nice and slow. It's not like Suzune already has a boyfriend. It's just, how should I put it, she hasn't shown any interest in things like romance yet. From now on, I'll act without rushing it".

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Apparently, Sudou has been making a move on Horikita.

However he seems to have brilliantly suffered an honorable defeat.

But far from giving up, he seems to have decided to continue steadily onwards.

"You're an earnest one. Hey, Kanji, do you want to stay the night at the karaoke today? Let's earnestly, enthusiastically sing lonely Christmas songs".

"Ehh, what are you on about?".

"What do you mean what I'm on about? I'm saying we should stay the night at the karaoke today".

"No, sorry Haruki. I can't do that".

"Huh? What do you mean you can't? There's nothing for you to do on Christmas Eve right? Your only lover is your right hand".