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How to make money using online lecture

One of the tech media journalists seated in the front row could not help but scoff.

This news conference was too ridiculous!

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At other news conferences, once the price was announced and the audience took back all of their criticisms, the manufacturer would always say that they had enough stocks. This would normally be accompanied by a picture of a filled warehouse.

Of course, under most circumstances, that would only be an advertising tactic. They would cease manufacturing and play punk whenever they needed to. Still, it was necessary to put on a front and go through the motions at the beginning.

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Yet, Otto Technologies was taking a unique path. Its stocks were just in the four-figure range; there were only a thousand cell phones!

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What’s more, they emphasized this pathetic number as if afraid that nobody would understand it.

What’s going on? Were they trying to resort to hunger marketing? Did Vice President Chang really think that increasing the price and announcing the low supply would cause consumers to purchase the cell phone immediately? The news conference had only started five minutes ago. Yet, everyone present and on the livestream had lost interest in finding out about the new cell phone. Instead, they were now focused on watching the drama unfold.

Someone off-stage yelled, “Good! Make another one!

“It’s so cheap! Buy it! “You might as well give it away for free! Would we still be human if we didn’t buy one?!”

Everyone broke into laughter, and the atmosphere became lively again.

Pei Qian had to admit that the netizens were very good at finding humor in the situation as well.

After the pricing and stocks segment, netizens went from commenting ‘whoever’s selling this is stupid’ to ‘those who can’t afford this should be ashamed of themselves’. The previously solemn atmosphere immediately lightened up.

Pei Qian felt speechless while he sat in the audience.

He’s telling the truth. What are all of you laughing at? Is it that funny?

Forget it. You can laugh and shout whatever you want. As long as you don’t fork out a single cent when the time comes, we can still be good friends.