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Therefore, Meng Chang had previously spent a lot of publicity funds to advertise. The conversion rate was very low but it was still converted to a group of people.

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These people were either looking forward to the new platform’s trial operation where they could fleece the sheep or wanted to change the environment. In short, they were all waiting for the platform to officially open.

In the end, when the platform opened, this was it?

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His hopes were dashed. He felt like he had been scammed. Naturally, he was furious.

However, most people did not have high expectations for Dawn gaming platform in the first place. Thus, they did not feel angry. Instead, they treated this matter as a joke.

There was a test run on a gaming platform, but there was no game on it. No matter how he heard it, it sounded like a lame joke segment from April Fool’s Day.

Many people even went to the official website to search and found that it was not a joke, it was true!

As the news spread, Dawn Games’ reputation really increased!

However, this increase in popularity did not affect the platform’s players much.

What’s more, a gamer was right. Wouldn’t it be better to find a large factory to monopolize or release with so much publicity funds?

After all, the most precious resource on the gaming platform was the game’s content.

New games from outstanding manufacturers often attracted a lot of attention. They naturally had a large number of players. Even if they could not sign a platform to monopolize them, they could at least sign a limited-period monopoly. For example, they could only go to Dawn games platform within a week and only go to other platforms after a week.

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That way, most gamers who were trying out the game on Dawn Games platform would be able to stay. Wouldn’t the conversion rate be much better than advertising mindlessly?