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Chen Kangtuo and the other investors were evidently confused.

None of those things... were expensive!

Pei Qian had not chosen any of the more expensive and profitable things like the souvenirs from the blue zone and the custom-made costumes from the wine-red zone. Instead, he chose all the peripheral products with poor price-quality ratios that were just there to fill the shelves.

Of course, the Thriller Hostel’s logo had been printed on all of those products. However, one could not expect visitors to mindlessly buy those items just because of the logo, could they?

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Still, since Boss Pei had already spoken, nobody dared to raise doubts. All of them kept the question marks buried at the bottom of their hearts.

Chen Kangtuo asked, “Er... Boss Pei, we won’t sell those items in the other zones, then, right?”

“Huh?” Pei Qian looked at him strangely. “You won’t? Why not? Of course, you still have to sell them.”

Chen Kangtuo opened his mouth, wanting to say something. Alas, he said nothing.

Obviously, that idea did not match the original intentions behind the mall’s design at all!

The golden zone was the hardest to locate. It should be selling high-value and unique products that would trigger visitors’ urge to buy. Now, all the items that Boss Pei had chosen were going to be sold in the four other zones, and none of them were of any sentimental value!

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Yet, since Boss Pei had decided, Chen Kangtuo could not say much else. He silently took down notes.

“Alright, if you have no other questions, this is it for now.” Pei Qian was quite satisfied with everyone’s reaction.

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Leaving the Golden Maze had not been that difficult. Everyone walked in random directions and managed to find a path that led to an exit. The entire process was very smooth. They did not even look at the map once. On the other hand, if they turned back and tried to trace their original footsteps back to the shop in the golden zone that they had been at, it would have been extremely difficult.

When they arrived back at the square, Pei Qian suddenly felt the urge to go to the washroom.

“Where is the restroom?” Pei Qian asked. Chen Kangtuo pointed in two directions and said, “There are public restrooms in both directions. There are also restrooms in the restaurants and hotels. Do you need me to lead the way?”

Pei Qian quickly waved his hand. “No, you can just wait for me here.”