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「S-So cool!」

「It’s insanely futuristic though!」

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The president nodded with satisfaction, whereas Lilim-senpai and Ferris-senpai exclaimed excitedly.

「Nee, Allen-kun. Go ahead and try flying around.」

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「Yes, I understand.」

In response to the president’s words, I operated the glider as she described earlier.

(T-This is amazing.)

I can freely move it to the right, left, up, down, and even sharp turns as I wish.

I freely flew around in the sky as though having grown an actual pair of wings on my back.

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(This thing’s mobility is unbelievable.)

After enjoying a journey through the sky to my heart’s content, I gradually reduced the spiritual power supplied to the glider, and succeeded in landing safely.

The next moment,

「I-I want to fly too!」

「This is an amazing machine!」

Ria and Rose’s eyes sparkled.

「My glider… is this one!」

「First come, first serve though!」

Lilim-senpai and Ferris-senpai scrambled for the remaining gliders.