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These two sentences were spoken in English. Obviously, this call should have come from Finger Games’ headquarters in Los Angeles.

Zhao Xuming asked, “What’s wrong?”

Eric’s expression was ugly. “For some reason, the forum in the Northern American Region is abuzz. They say that we treat the two zones differently!”

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Eric stood up and left in a hurry. Obviously, he wanted to go back and video call Finger Games’ headquarters to deal with this matter.

Zhao Xuming had to continue watching the ICL competition and could not leave.

However, he was also very curious. Thus, he took out his cell phone and searched for relevant information online.

It was nighttime in Los Angeles. Players were active on the forums and live-stream platforms.

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Zhao Xuming realized that not only were some forums and websites in the United States discussing this. A few popular posts were also being discussed on domestic forums by busybodies, be it GOG or IOI players!

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“The ICL hasn’t officially started the competition, yet Finger Games is making big news again? I saw the forum in the Northern American Region going crazy. They said that Finger Games is collecting sky-high prices for slots?”

“IOI’s ICS slots for the Northern American Region were actually sold for seven million US dollars! It’s too expensive, it’s practically stealing money!”

“It’s alright. I heard that the clubs in America are all very rich. They should be able to fork out seven million US dollars, right?”

“However, GOG is also preparing for the league over there. It’s said that the way to obtain a spot is to compete freely. The starting price is only a million US dollars. This comparison shows the difference!”

“It’s not just about the price. The clubs in the ICS competition area are very dissatisfied with the differential treatment of Finger Games. That’s because the slots in the domestic competition area, which is also the ICL, are half bought and half given. They can almost be said to be cheap. However, the ICS competition area has to spend seven million yuan to buy the slots! More importantly, Finger Games has additional subsidies for the ICL team because of the previous public opinion storm. The ICS competition area doesn’t have any.”