Online dubbing part-time money

Online dubbing part-time money

Yan Qi lived in Jingzhou and inevitably interacted with Upwind Logistics. Such information could be understood through a flyer.

According to Upwind Logistics’ official publicity, all cross-regional transports were air transport. The advantage of this was that it was fast. The disadvantage was that it was limited to certain areas. What’s more, the goods delivered were limited and the price was relatively high.

For the time being, Yan Qi did not have much use for express delivery. Thus, he did not take this matter to heart and only briefly understood it.

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Lastly, there was something else. He heard that Eternal Reincarnation had officially started research and development!

Yan Qi was an ARPG mobile game. He had played many action games because of his job requirement.

Repent and be Saved naturally would not miss it.

He had always thought that Repent and be Saved was the best action game in the country. Naturally, he was looking forward to the appearance of the new downloadable content.

He was quite excited when he heard about Eternal Reincarnation previously. In the end, the official platform clarified that Eternal Reincarnation only officially began research and development in August.

That made Yan Qi a little disappointed. After all, the research and development would only be completed in August. At the usual rate, it would only be completed by the end of the year or even next year.

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However, it was better to have news than not. They had waited for more than a year for this large downloadable content. Why would they care about waiting for a few more months?

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Now, he had to focus on his own project and fix all the bugs.

Yan Qi realized that in the new week, there were obviously more people entering and exiting the games platform. Many of them seemed to be here to discuss cooperation.

The advertisements had been released, and the business side was constantly contacting gaming companies. There must be an endless stream of people coming to discuss cooperation.

“These people wouldn’t encounter a bunch of bugs like us, right?”