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Ishizaki indifferently said so. Certainly that's a possibility. Keisei got up and started walking while asking who's knocking. The person on the other side truly is someone unexpected.

"Are you guys still up?".

"President Nagumo, can we help you with something?".

"I came to check on you guys since we're in the same group. Can I come in?".

There isn't a single 1st year brave enough to say 'no' after having heard that. Keisei immediately gave his consent and welcomed Nagumo into the room. But apparently he didn't come alone. He's accompanied by Vice President Kiriyama as well as two 3rd year students.

One of them is a student from Class B named Tsunoda and the other, Ishikura, is also from Class B. Upon entering the room, Nagumo surveyed his surroundings.

"As expected, they made the room the same way you did, senpai".

Nagumo smiled and said so to Ishikura.

"Looks like it. So? How are you planning on deepening the ties between us by dragging us all the way to the 1st years' room?".

He asked Nagumo but Keisei, not quite having comprehended the situation, asked Nagumo.

"Deepening ties?".

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"I told you, didn't I? I came to check on you guys since we're in the same group. We don't have any televisions or PCs or cell phones here. To be honest with you guys, there's nothing remotely similar to entertainment here. But it's not like we have absolutely nothing to play with".

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Saying that, Nagumo brought out a small box from inside the pocket of his jersey.

"Playing cards in this day and age? I'm sure that's what you're thinking. But this is a staple of training camps much like this one".

Nagumo casually sat down in a vacant spot. And then he peeled the vinyl tape off the sealed box, opening it.

"Please take your seats too, senpai. Sorry 1st years but since there isn't much space, please go back to your beds".