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In the past, Thousand Blade Academy was a prosperous school, but in recent years the quality of students has declined, and it’s status as one of the Five Academy was in jeopardy.

The former president took responsibility for it and resigned, and Leia became the new president in the subsequent presidential election.

She visited promising swordsmen from around the country to restore the school, and offered enrollment with exemption from tuition fees for such individuals.

It is difficult to improve the quality of students instantly. Therefore, some super-excellent students were enrolled and partially improved the average quality.

「I see… So this time, you’ve set your sights on the previous prize winner『Bounty Hunter』?」

The person in charge of the Sword Festival, who was slightly less nervous now, asked Leia.

「Yes, of course. 『Bounty Hunter Rose-Valencia』- I wanted to confirm her abilities with my own eyes once」

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If she were truly as strong as the rumors say, Leia will immediately propose a recommended admission.

「Indeed… I saw the bounty hunter fight for the first time at the last tournament… The Secret Art of Sakura Blossom One-Sword Style! It was such a spine-chilling fight.」

「That sounds exciting – However, I did not come here to observe Rose alone.」

「…Is that so?」

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「By chance, I hope to find an undiscovered gem in this festival.」