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“If we look at the rating as a percentage, we would have no choice but to lash out at our local websites.

“Before this, Tomorrow is Beautiful had gotten a rating of 8.5 and below on multiple websites. That’s especially amusing given that a good domestic movie can easily get a score of 9.5 or more on those websites.

“Everyone can easily see that Tomorrow is Beautiful’s rating on TPDb has remained consistent at about 9.1. Although it has been fluctuating slightly, it’s still considered very stable!

“I think that low scores are not representative of how strict a rating website is. You don’t have to keep a close eye on the film’s ratings on foreign websites. After all, Tomorrow is Beautiful was produced by locals. The message that it conveys can only be fully understood by locals.

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“I hope that this film represents a good beginning for domestic films. We no longer have to strive for recognition at international film festivals. Instead, we can focus on telling our local story well!

“At this point, I urge everyone to register an account at TPDb and watch Tomorrow is Beautiful one more time on Aili Island. Let us always remember this meaningful and monumental day!”

After reading the netizens’ comments, Pei Qian quietly closed the browser.

Alright, that’s all. I’ll give up fighting now. Pei Qian realized that netizens were getting increasingly ridiculous. Every now and then, they would pull off a new trick again. He would never have thought that the final comment would push everyone to TPDb and the online version of Tomorrow is Beautiful again.

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He wondered how many people would purchase Tomorrow is Beautiful on Aili Island this time and how many people would add more bullet screen comments like ‘play it a billion more times’, ‘treasure of the site’, and ‘pulling the entire world together’ to the beginning of the movie. Pei Qian could almost see how things would go when he met Zhu Xiaoce next. The latter’s expression would be filled with excitement as he rushed to Pei Qian’s side, saying ‘Boss Pei! Your decision to share profits with Aili Island was wise and correct!’

Just thinking about it made Pei Qian extremely depressed.

It was... very tragic...

May 26th, Thursday...